How to Fake a Pee – Methods To Help You Avoid A Drug Test
Posted Wednesday, May 27th, 2020 by Alicia Martinello

How to Fake a Pee – Methods To Help You Avoid A Drug Test

Marijuana, cocaine and other illicit drugs can cause a false positive or false negative to your screening test for several reasons. As the fake urine analysis test is not chemical and the amount of cannabis or hashish in the test is not so big, they still get detected by the test because of its scent. Here are some of the methods to fool a drug test without having to cheat drug test.

The first thing that can cause a false positive is the heating of a person”s urine. As cannabis, amphetamines and opiates are absorbed into the blood stream, the trace amount gets absorbed into the urine and get detected. It is important to note that heat can also cause a false negative for tests of alcohol, tobacco and cocaine. However, this method does not apply to tests for cannabis or hashish.

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If the heat urine test is the method used, one should be careful. This method should only be used by professional drug testers. If professional uses this method, they can decide to take the sample of your urine or even bathe you. In this case, you may have to pay the price.

False negatives can also occur from this method. If your sample is heated, it may cause your urine to become a lot thicker than normal. For instance, if you drink alcoholic beverages, the thin urine will absorb more alcohol. This might be like a pass a drug test because the sample will show up as being less diluted. However, this is a method that should only be used by professional drug testers.

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False positives can also be caused by laboratory contamination. There is always a chance that laboratory contaminants may get transferred from one area to another. All these can cause a false positive on the drug test.

Dope can also get mixed with sweat and this can make the urine to get easier to detect. When you use the heat urine method to fool a drug test, make sure that the urine sample is clean and free from any other contaminants. The urine sample should also be cold and you can do this by having a few glasses of water instead of using the warm toilet water.

Heat urine should only be used by professional drug testers. However, as in the case of the contamination and sweat method, it is not an effective way to cheat drug tests. Even if you use the heat method, your urine will still be detected by a drug test if the specimen was not tested properly and is contaminated.

All the methods mentioned above can all lead to a fake pee or false pee in a drug test. However, this method should be used by professionals only. It is better to avoid these methods if possible.

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